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Press Release

See what the world's top players have to say about their Texas Open (Dallas) experience...

Every Texas Open that I've participated in has been a memorable experience each time and it's certainly the tournament you'd like to keep going back every year. The host of the event always put us players first and runs the entire tournament just like any top tier event in the world circuit and most times even better too. There's such a great following amongst the squash community in Texas while the event is on that we're greeted by many familiar faces every time we come back for this tournament. The warm hospitality never seems to amaze me and I wish I'm able to play the tournament again soon to relive all the fond memories this tournament has to offer.

Nicol David (Malaysia), World #21 

Highest World Ranking: #1 (108 consecutive months World #1)

7-time World Open Champion, 5-time British Open Champion
2009 Texas Open Champion, 5 Texas Open Appearances

I have played many many tournaments on the WSA Tour during my squash career. The Texas Open has been one of my favorites, simply because the event is so personal, everyone involved in the event, whether  on the organising committee, a sponsor, patron, club member or spectator is so welcoming, friendly and supportive. This makes for a fantastic environment for great competitive ladies squash! Looking forward to coming back!

Sarah Kippax (England), Retired

Highest World Ranking: #15
4 Texas Open Appearances

I played my first Texas Open probably 10 years ago now, and thinking back I took the Title in 2004 which was a critical result that led to my taking the World #1 Ranking for the first time a few months later, one of the many fond memories I have of the event!

It's always been one of my favorite tournaments on the World Tour and one I always look forward to returning to. Unlike many events, it's more than just another tournament... we're guaranteed to be welcomed by the same familiar & enthusiastic faces, which makes it such a pleasure to attend, almost like returning to visit friends & family and playing a little squash on the side!

It's a good mix of professionalism with the relaxed feeling of being in the company of such a laid-back, friendly community who go out of their way to make us feel welcome and ensure we enjoy our stay. 

I can't wait for the opportunity to return to Dallas in 2013 and catch up with all those familiar faces, not to mention hear some of that Texas twang that we all love so much!

Rachel Grinham (Australia), World #32

Highest World Ranking, #1

2007 World Open Champion, 3-time British Open Champion
2004 & 2011 Texas Open Champion,

9 Texas Open Appearances

Texas Open holds some great memories for me, one of which was beating my sister for the first time ever. Having played in the first Professional Texas Open I see so many familiar faces and everyone makes you feel so welcome that it feels like playing an event at your home club. When Sanjeeb offered me a main draw wildcard in 2011 I was excited and honored to take it. I knew not only would it help speed up my return to the top 10 in the world (after having my first child), that it would be an enjoyable tournament with Sanjeeb and team doing a great job organzing it... as they always do! I am looking forward to returning to Dallas!!

Natalie Grinham (Netherlands), Retired Highest World Ranking, #2

3-time World Open Finalist,
8 Texas Open Appearances

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